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We offer a full selection of Cambria Quartz Countertops, including over 10 different collections of beautiful quartz patterns & colors. Contact us if you have any questions on pricing and availability.

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Cambria Reasons


Cambria® leads the industry with the most diverse and innovative designs to choose from for your material selection. Cambria also offers both Cambria Matte™ finish and high gloss finish to expand your creative options.


Cambria is created from pure, natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth, for superior durability and performance.


Cambria natural stone surfaces are scratch resistant and never need sealing or polishing—simply clean with warm water.


Cambria is nonporous so staining liquids and harmful bacteria are never absorbed.


From responsible mining to recycling all the water used during processing, Cambria is dedicated to preserving our environment in every way possible.


Cambria is hand crafted from start to finish to ensure the highest quality down to the smallest details.


A carefully selected network of partners whose ideals match ours ensures premium service, the best experience, and your complete satisfaction.


With a rich heritage in Minnesota, Cambria is the leading family–owned, American–made company in the natural stone industry.


Exceptional products enable Cambria to confidently guarantee your peace of mind for life.

Design Palette


Edge Profiles

Ridgeline edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Ridgeline edge profile illustration

Ridgeline Edge (TR3)

This simple, yet bold profile has a 1/8" radius. Shown in ROXWELL™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm | 6cm)

Byrn edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Byrn edge profile illustration

Byrn Edge (VF)

This profile, often called a reverse Waterfall, is a traditional design with a twist. Shown in ELLA™.
(Available Depths: 4cm)

Idris edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Idris edge profile illustration

Idris Edge (IM)

A reversed and sharply slanted mitered edge gives this profile a dramatic appearance. Shown in SWANBRIDGE™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm)

Shale edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Shale edge profile illustration

Shale Edge (1Z)

This edge seamlessly integrates flush with a cabinet door creating a modern, sleek look. Shown in DUNMORE™.
(Available Depths: 2cm)

Mesa edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Mesa edge profile illustration

Mesa Edge (QM)

This edge is a traditional ornate ogee edge reversed down, giving it a modern spin. Shown in HELMSLEY™.
(Available Depths: 6cm)

Cascade edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Cascade edge profile illustration

Cascade Edge (VFZ)

Combines a reverse Ogee edge stacked on top of a straight drop modernizing the traditional edge. Shown in SUMMERHILL™.
(Available Depths: 6cm)

Cornice edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Cornice edge profile illustration

Cornice Edge (MQ)

Our fullest Ogee profile design, also called a Cove Ogee over Ogee. Shown in BELLINGHAM™.
(Available Depths: 6cm)

Moraine edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Moraine edge profile illustration

Moraine Edge (Chiseled)

For a natural, rustic appearance, choose this hand-finished profile often named Chiseled, Broken Edge or Rock Face. Shown in OAKMOOR™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm | 6cm)

Ledge edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Ledge edge profile illustration

Ledge Edge (MD)

Fading back at the bottom edge, this profile is sometimes named a Reverse Bevel or Plater. Shown in WELLINGTON™.
(Available Depths: 3cm)

Boulder edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Boulder edge profile illustration

Boulder Edge (F+V)

This profile, often called Waterfall, is one of our most ornate. Shown in GALLOWAY™.
(Available Depths: 4cm)

Rimrock edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Rimrock edge profile illustration

Rimrock Edge (Mitered)

The Mitered edge is an edge assembled from two pieces, to give a countertop with less weight the appearance of a much heavier one. Shown in BRIGHSTONE™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm)

Volcanic edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Volcanic edge profile illustration

Volcanic Edge (V)

Deeply rounded at the top and bottom of the edge, this profile is sometimes also called a Bullnose or Full Bullnose. Shown in BERWYN™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm | 6cm)

Glacial edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Glacial edge profile illustration

Glacial Edge (FZ)

A classic Ogee profile. Shown in HARLECH™.
(Available Depths: 4cm)

Basin edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Basin edge profile illustration

Basin Edge (FS)

Our thinnest Ogee profile. Also called a Saskatoon Ogee or Short Ogee. Shown in PRINCETOWN™.
(Available Depths: 3cm)

Treeline edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Treeline edge profile illustration

Treeline Edge (Z+S)

This angled edge is often called a Bevel. Shown in BERKELEY™.
(Available Depths: 3cm | 4cm)

Double Treeline edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Double Treeline edge profile illustration

Double Treeline Edge (A+R)

An angled cut to both the top and bottom edges, sometimes called a Double Bevel. Shown in FAIRBOURNE™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm)

Summit edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Summit edge profile illustration

Summit Edge (T)

Both the top and bottom edged of this edge profile are rounded. It’s sometimes called a ¼ Round Double. Shown in DARON™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm)

Piedmont edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Piedmont edge profile illustration

Piedmont Edge (A)

Softly rounded on the top edge. Additionally referred to as ½ Bullnose, Demi Bullnose or a ¼ Round. Shown in WHITNEY™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm)

Seacliff edge profile by Cambria Countertops
Seacliff edge profile illustration

Seacliff Edge (Z)

The edge is beveled, not rounded, at the top, often referred to as an Eased profile. Shown in WINDERMERE™.
(Available Depths: 2cm | 3cm | 4cm)

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